Clash of Clans Game Guide

Clash of Clans Game Guide is designed to assist beginner and intermediate players and contains the most recent and accurate information to assist you in strategy play. In keeping with the game, this eBook is created for casual players who enjoy the challenge of making a better mouse trap without the aggressiveness required in action RPG games.

Clash of Clans Game Guide

Game Clash of Clans Guide

It covers the basics of play, with proven strategies that can help
you improve your tactics as a team or individually.
In addition, we offer you insider tips from some of the top
players who generously offered concrete suggestions and
solutions so that you can become the competitor you choose to
be, at each level.

Clash of Clans is a Social-Strategy game for iOS and Android mobile
devices. SuperCell, the creator, sprinkled in a dash of role-play in the
game where players construct villages and action play, introducing warriors
to defend the village.

Once you are ready, your warriors explore the area and go on excursions for
the purpose of pillaging neighboring villages so that they can increase their
clan’s wealth. Along the way, they must fight off monsters and enemy clans that they bump into.
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